Thursday, July 31, 2008


Some of you may know that my son Riley has been at his dad's for the whole month of July, and I have missed him terribly. I did however get to "clean out" his room while we were moving. If any of you have had a close encounter with a 10 year old boy you will know that is not an easy task. I swear he collects everything under the sun! He is such a dear boy and when I picked him up last night it was all I could do to not hug and kiss him until I felt better. I just wanted to cry because I was so happy to see him. Now tonight I have to put that dear sweet little boy on a plane and won't see him for 18 days. He gets to go and visit Grandpa Dick in Alaska. His great grandpa, uncle and cousin will all be flying into Fairbanks for a cool boys vacation. I am so jealous that Riley gets to go and I have to stay home, but oh well. The airfare alone for our family would kill us as Riley's ticket was around $1100.00. Yeah yikes! Anyways, we are also headed out to a family reunion in Richfield so I will not be posting until Monday but will probably bore you all to tears when I get back! Please keep Riley in your thoughts to have a safe trip flying all alone without his mommy! Ha ha, and don't ever tell him I said that or else!

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