Saturday, May 29, 2010

A little trip to Mexico...

One night Anika was looking through an album of postcards and found a picture of Dad Dick with his marlin he caught in Mexico and the next day my mom posted the rest of these pics on FB! It was so cool that we were enjoying these memories on the same day.
When I was 7 years old I got to Mexico with my family. My grandpa and grandma had a time share condo in Mazatlan. I was in 1st grade and I dont remember being all that excited about the trip but now looking back I cherish the memories. It was almost like a family reunion because there were so many of us that went. Grandpa Phil, Grandma Lou, Aunt Teri, Uncle Roger, Delaine and Rick Oaks, my mom, Dad Dick and I went.

This is my beautiful Grandma Lou relaxing and enjoying the day.

This is my grandpa and I dancing in the red dress he looked all over Mazatlan for.

My mom... love the hair!

This is the marlin that my Dad caught when we went deep sea fishing, I have never been that sea sick before in my life!

This is me posing on the wall that seperated our patio from the beach. It was so awesome.

This is a picture that always makes me cry because I miss my grandpa so much! he taught me how to float on this trip, I was always begging him to go tot he pool!

Aunt Teri in the kitchen.

Rick and Delaine checking out this crazy girl drinking her virgin daquari. I thought I was so cool!

I was trying to hit the pinata but I dont think I broke it!

Oct 14 2009...

We have to forget this day was the last day I blogged and then maybe just maybe you will all forgive me. Oh wait I dont have thousands of followers or even hundreds but I like to pretend Im writing to an audience! HUMOR ME people! Ha ha! So Im not gonna give you some lame excuse about me not blogging I just havent done it, and I know I should have but oh well. For the next week or so prepare to be bombarded with events that have happened in the last 7 months. And yes I will be changing my template to not look like AUTUMN but Im really just early for this fall! HA HA!