Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A stop in Gunnison

We stopped in gunnnison to visit Scooter, Amanda and Caleb. Riley has wanted to stop and see this huge old tank gun there forever so we all walked over to the park to check it out. It was a quick visit though because we needed to get headed home.

Mystic Hot Springs

Ever since I met Clint, he had told me of the Mystic Hot Springs down In Monroe. Apparently he frequented there while he was living in Richfield. So we went there the last time we were down. We left Heber and Liberty at my in laws and Let me just Say they must have been something back in the day because I wasn't impressed but it was something Clint wanted to show us. I guess things must have looked better in a drug induced haze right? LMAO! Anyway here are some pictures. The kids thought it was very very cool that the water came out of the ground that HOT!

These are "soaking pools!"

They have a huge pond filled iwth Koi.

A cool little cave Clint showed the kids!

Fish Lake

We took a drive up to Fish Lake while in Richfield and holy cow the leaves were so beautiful. We stopped at Twin Creek to have a picnic and let the kids play. They had a blast and I got some cute pictures!

This bridge was a hot spot for the kids to play...

My serious son who hates pictures!

Gorgeous mountainside...

Nothing beats a walk holding grandmas hand!

Just the 7 of us...

Liberty having a good ol laugh!

Throwing rocks... I don't think the fisherman down the way liked it but the kids had fun!

This was so pretty!

Misc Richfield pics

These pictures are all from a recent trip we took to Richfield. We drove through Provo canyon and stopped to see Bridal Veil Falls.

These girls are so silly!

Grandpa Jerry and Grandma Carol with all of our kids...

My kids LOVE to roll down the hill in the front yard!

Heber just relaxing under the tree!

Taste of Home Cooking School

Kim Lavina and I decided to do a booth at the Taste of Home Cooking School. It was a lot of fun but Kim didn't make it to the show because she had a minor flood that turned out to be MAJOR in her kitchen...We had a blast and met a lot of new people. We did a drawing for the elusive and sold out Jack o Lantern warmer...this warmer was so popular that Scentsy sold over 30,000 before the end of the month! Now that's a lot of pumpkins!

Lavina and I being dorks!

The cute gift basket we gave away!

Kim and Heidi in the booth...