Thursday, August 27, 2009

First day of ScHool

Yesterday was the first day of school and holy cow was I nervous. I know that sounds dumb but I was very worried about Riley going into middle school. 6th grade can be tough cuz you go from one teacher all day long to seven in one day! When he came home he was beaming he had so much fun and got to catch up with a lot of friends.I'm not sure that he has realized there are no recesses yet though!
Anika also had a good day and likes her teacher. I can't believe she is in the 3rd grade already...time flies so fast.
Brashae started kindergarten this year and I can't wait for her to come up here tomorrow night and tell us all about it.
Heber is always saying how she is getting bigger and going to start kindergarten and preschool. It is so funny and she tells anyone who will listen! All in all I was worrying for nothing as usual!

Lets just say he doesn't like pictures...

and likes them even less here!

Here is Anika waiting for the bus...

and getting on the bus!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Our new puppy!

Since Clint did so well watching the kids while I was at the Scentsy convention, I rewarded him with a new puppy. We saw a cute puppy at the Anadarko summer party two weeks ago and they told us that he had brothers and sisters at the pound. We went to look and put in an application and fell in love with this little blue/white lab/boxer mix. He was adorable. Our application was approved but we didn't want to pick him up and have Clint have to deal with a new puppy and all 5 kids. I kind of led him on and said he couldn't get the dog lol. I was planning on getting the dog when I came back from Salt Lake and we went right down there this morning to pick him up. When we went down though we found out the dog had been mis-sexed (is that a word?) and he was really a she. Talk about confusing. We wanted her anyway so we got her and now just need to come up with a name. I think we should name her vodka Collins after a special drink I had on my trip but Clint doesn't agree. So if you have any suggestions please let me know! I will add a picture soon!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Scentsy Convention pics

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Busy summer!

I haven't posted in quite a while but here are a few updates!
Liberty is almost 6 weeks old! I can't believe it! Each day she grows and changes a little more. I recently went to Scentsy convention in Salt Lake for 3 days and then went school clothes shopping before coming home. Clint stayed home with all the kids and let me tell you he did WONDERFUL! He didn't call me one time to ask for help with a problem or to complain. I am so very lucky to have this man. He has been wanting a new dog for quite a long time and as his reward he is getting one tomorrow morning! I will post pics later of the dog.
Now about Scentsy convention.... As some of you may know, they are discontinuing quite a few scents and EVERYTHING is 10% off this month! If you need more information please leave me a comment. Now on to convention... they unveiled SO many new and wonderful things including new and returning scents as well as wonderfuland exciting new products. I can't share them with you until September 1st, but I will tell you that you should book your parties now to get the new stuff for FREE! I was inspired by my wonderful company and can't wait to expand my team and spread the world of Scentsy!

This is a group picture of Kim, Lavina, Shannon and I with one of the dancers from Scentsy's 5th birthday party.

Lavina shaking it like a salt shaker!
Anika is starting 3rd grade and is going back to Discovery. I can't wait to find out who her teacher is and if she has any of her friends in her class.
Riley is starting the 6th grade and it is bittersweet for me. I'm glad he is growing up and becoming such an awesome boy but I'm also sad because he is the oldest and he is growing up so fast!
Brashae starts kindergarten this year and Im excited to see how she adjusts to school and that environment. I hope she isn't too stubborn to listen to her teacher! Heber is growing leaps and bounds and her vocabulary is expanding every day. I can't believe she turns 3 in a little over a month.
As I mentioned before, Liberty is almost 6 weeks old and is smiling and cooing when talked to. She is such a blessing in our lives as are all of our children, but as she is our last, I can't help but think she is a little more special! Im not favoring her just treasuring her milestones one by one.
I have set a goal to be more organized in my life and am looking forward to accomplishing it. I have 2 problem areas that I am tackling this week before school starts so I can be a better example for my kids. Clint has also set a goal and is tackling that as well (more info to come on that as he progresses.)

I will post pics as soon as I can find the adapter for my memory card in my blackberry!
Have a wonderful day!