Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day

Before the kids woke up.....

After the kids woke up and destroyed my living room!

Oh but they had fun doing it, and as usual, they got spoiled rotten!

Christmas Eve

We all went up to Grandma Lou's house on Christmas Eve. It was fun. We played games which the girls won of course! We also sang some songs on the player piano and had a small breakdown because we missed our grandpa so much, and opened some presents. All in all it was a great time...

Look at Waddy the big turd, he is such a party pooper!

Next year I think I will just get these two a room! GOSH! Joking Leslie and Tommy!

Anika's Christmas Program

These pictures are from Anika's Christmas Program at church. She was an angel and got to play the bells with the older kids. She is such a sweet little girl who has such a sweet spirit!

Merry Christmas.....

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Wordless Wednesday 12.24.08

You don't even want to know what was going through his mind.....

Monday, December 22, 2008

My sweet friend Mandy...

came over to visit for few minutes tonight and as some of you may know, we had a bunch of snow and I am so strict about the snow in MY driveway. Well, Mandy didn't know and she pulled into the second class citizen driveway (KIDDING). It is just where Clint parks his work trucks, and I use the other driveway because it leads to the garage! So naturally I like all of the snow on MY side cleared. My dear sweet husband knows this and works very hard to keep it clean. Tonight it looks so awesome! Anyway, my dear friend Mandy got a little stuck in her cute PT cruiser tonight and I thought I would share some pictures. Clint was so mad though because when we went to push her out, I had to run back inside and grab the camera. It was kind of funny though because Mandy and I were laughing! WE did get her out after pushing her back into the driveway and then she just gunned it out of the drive! Hopefully she made it home safely!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

The tree progresses....

Here is one of our trees with some of our presents under it. Most of these are from my Dad and step mom with a few of them from us! Oh man are our kids spoiled??

And here is the other tree with all of the gifts for other people that we have to deliver and some of Brashae's since she won't be here until after Christmas.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Movie Day

So today Carm and I decided that since Dad and Clint had to work, we would take the kids to the show. Riley and I had already read the book and Anika is reading it now in her class. First we decided to go to lunch at JB's and boy was that a mistake. Riley was throwing one of his sulking fits in the parking lot so we all loaded back into the car and headed home only to have him promise to be good, so we did go in and eat. Of course Heber wouldn't sit still , but we finally finished and headed to the theater... Last time we went to a movie was Thanksgiving night to see Madagascar 2 and the kids all did really well. Heber even loved it and sat through all but about 5 minutes of it, so today we thought would go well. OH boy were we wrong. Heber kept getting up and down, and throwing fits, so we had to keep going for walks and in the very middle of the movie she pooped her pants. Oh yeah fun, so into the bathroom we headed! Man I love having a 2 year old. Finally after about an hour and a half of walking around with her, she finally fella sleep on my mom's lap! Thank goodness. The only drawback was that the movie ended about 10 minutes later! Oh well, I guess I can wait for it to come out on video to see the whole thing, the book was better than what I saw anyways!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

My new village...

Today my kids went with my parents to finish up some shopping and look what they got me! I have wanted to start a village but just never had the space for one. So this year that is what the kids gave me for Christmas. I was so excited, I hurried and put it up. I will post more pics tonight when you can see all the lights. Each one of the kids got to pick out a building and they each picked out way cool ones. Riley got me the cinema, Anika picked the beauty shop, Brashae the one with the train, and Heber picked the fire station. Carm has a beautiful village and I hope that one day mine looks as good as hers does. I hope we can keep that darn cat out of it too!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas with Grandpa

Today my stepdad came down from WY to have an early Christmas with us. The kids sure enjoyed their presents they got. We went in with my Dad to get Riley a new IPOD and boy does he love it. Anika got a Jungle in my Pocket playset, Heber got a Baby Chou Chou doll, and Brashae got a Barbie cash register. All in all we had a great time.

Riley's new pet....

Today Clint and Riley went to finish up their Christmas shopping, but came home empty handed. Clint then asked me to go run a couple of errands with him and so we left the kids with my Dad who is here from WY to visit. we were headed to the pet store to buy turtle food and Clint was tellign me about what Riley wanted. Apparently they had already been to the pet store trying to find someone who had yorkies for a CHristmas suprprise for me. Anyway, while there RIley had absolutely fallen in love with this dwarf hampster adn begged and pleaded to bring him home. Well who can say no to a cute little hampster? We already had an aquarium that he could live in, so all we had to buy were the necessitites like a wheel, shavings for the bottom of the cage, etc...
And now introducing EWOK!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My favorite shoes...

Well they used to be until last week they broke... I was at work and the strap broke and I almost cried. I have had this same pair of flip flops for 3 summers now and I am heartbroken... I am trying to win a contest on momdot, so I hope this sad pathetic pair of shoes helps. I knew there was a reason I couldn't throw them away!Notice the chunks tore out of them in the toes where Heber got a hold of them when she was teething...

Wordless Wednesday 12.10.08

Wordless Wednesday this week brings memories of a Flat Stanley adventure.Today we see him with his best friend Anika at the Utah/Wyoming border.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sneak Peek...

Here is a sneak peek of the kids' Christmas pictures... Of course you don't get to see the one we picked but you get the general idea of the cuteness....

My handsome boy, can't believe he is almost 11!! Wow I am old.

Look at these kids trooping along through the canyon!

Duke would not behave and face the camera!

I love this picture of the girls... Sweet little angels!

My cool one of a kind gift!

A few years ago my father in law made me the coolest thing ever. It is a huge 4ft by 4 ft snowflake that you out in your yard. He makes them and sells them and they are so cool! I asked for one but didn't expect it for a couple of years and then once I got it, I never put it up! What a great daughter-in-law huh? WEll this year is the year for it and so tonight I put the lights on and Clint will get it all set up in our yard tomorrow!

Don't make fun of my jammies... they are comfy!

All lit up and no yard to go in...

Just chillin on the side of the house...

I will post more tomorrow night when CLint gets is hung up on the pole! Call or email me if you want to know how to order a snowflake for yourself!!

where oh where has Cara gone???

Ok Ok I know I have been incognito for umm like forever... I am so sorry! I know it is bad when people leave me comment son the last post I did asking about where I am...So here is a small synopsis of what I have been doing...
1. Work
2. Being sick (everyone in my family has had it and passed it back around)
3. being tired and lazy because of the pregnancy
4. Selling scentsy like crazy, I had parties and book parties galore during November!

Yeah that's it! Isn't that sad?? Oh yeah I also have been stressing about money and where Christmas is supposed to come from this year! Who doesn't do that? So now that we are into December and the Christmas songs abound, I need to get more into the spirit. Clint and I bought our Christmas present and it is a beauty. we got a new TV that is a 42 inch flat screen. Then my parents bought us the cabinet to go under it for our present too! So we won't have much under the tree but it is well worth it. I have included a picture of the tv so you can all see how enthralled Heber is with huge spongebob! She loves him and I am so over him. Ha ha! Anyways, yes we are pregnant and this is the very last one so we are hoping very much for a boy! I have been pretty sick off and on so we are taking that as a good sign! Keep your fingers crossed for us! I will post more later, as for now I had better go!

Christmas Blog Exchange

Over at momdot, I signed up to do a Christmas Blog exchange and today I got my gift! I exchanged with pogomama!I was so excited to exchange with her! She made it so easy to buy for and I am afraid I didn't make it as easy for her, but I love my gift.

Here is my lovely package that the mail lady brought this morning!

The darling card that she made for me! It wished me a happy healthy pregnancy! How sweet is that!?!?!?

She gave me my favorite mint chocolate and some awesome Burt's Bees lip balm with peppermint! I have never tried Choxie chocolate but I am betting they couldn't screw up chocolate!

And even more chocolate! It's a good thing I can use this pregnancy for an excuse for my weight gain! Oh yeah and it's Christmas!

Thank you thank you Jen I love my Christmas presents!