Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My cool one of a kind gift!

A few years ago my father in law made me the coolest thing ever. It is a huge 4ft by 4 ft snowflake that you out in your yard. He makes them and sells them and they are so cool! I asked for one but didn't expect it for a couple of years and then once I got it, I never put it up! What a great daughter-in-law huh? WEll this year is the year for it and so tonight I put the lights on and Clint will get it all set up in our yard tomorrow!

Don't make fun of my jammies... they are comfy!

All lit up and no yard to go in...

Just chillin on the side of the house...

I will post more tomorrow night when CLint gets is hung up on the pole! Call or email me if you want to know how to order a snowflake for yourself!!

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