Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wordless Wednesday 6.2.10

My husband always jokes around with saying W.W.C.D.- What Would Clint Do? hes such a nerd, but we did find this bumper sticker one day and had to take a pic of it!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Trip to Richfield

We recently went to Richfield for a quick visit. It was our first trip in our new truck and we had a lot of fun besides getting car (or truck) sick in Indian Canyon. I guess its just the truck being a lot higher off the ground than my durango. Saturday Jill, Brandon, Garrett and Sierra met us and we took a drive to Fremont Indian State park and did a couple of hikes and a visit to the museum. It was fun and a nice little historical trip. Then we went to Hoovers to eat. They always have good food. Sunday we just hung out and visited some friends in town, and then Monday before we came home, we took a four wheeler tide to Saul's meadow. That is always a pretty ride no matter the time of year.

Shae comparing hand size with some that were in Hundred Hands Cave.

Heber down in the pit house.

Clint helping Heber down the ladder into the Pit house.

Grandpa Jerry and the grandkids.

Clint and I- Love self portraits!

Jerry, Carol, Jill and Heber

Anika, Heber and Brashae playing with some play corn inside the museum.

Heber was a good helper to push the stroller

Jerry and Carol posing for a pic with Liberty when we stopped on our four wheeler ride.

Anika, Liberty and Heber in the back of the Rhino when we stopped for a snack.

Random Liberty Pics

Valentines Day 2010

Learning to kiss

In her Easter Dress

Easter Sunday

Mom and Liberty at Aunt Teris house for Easter dinner!

First time jumping on the trampoline

Sitting in a small cave at Freemont Indian State Park

Our own Hannah Montana

Heber has a dress up outfit and she loves to play and put on a concert. She sings all the Hannah favorites but she is the best at "Best of Both Worlds!"

Dad had the front row seat today!

Shes got the moves...

And the looks ha ha!

Gotta love the tongue!


Well I'm playing catch up so I will just tell you about whats happening in our lives now. Riley, Anika and Shae are out of school. Riley has been playing soccer and Anika is playing softball for the 3rd year. Riley's team hasn't won a game all season but they are playing well together. Riley plays defender and he even scored a goal, too bad it was for the other team. Every kids does that at some point in the season! Anika has improved a lot since last season and is quite the hitter. Clint and I have been helping coach her team this year and its been a lot of fun. We have won some games and lost some, tournament is about to start and she also tried out for All Stars but didn't make it.
Heber finished up her preschool year and is excited to go back to school next year. She is taking the 3 year old class again because of her birthday being late she wont start school until she is 6 yrs old.
Liberty is almost 11 months old and has 4 teeth now. She is standing up and soon she will be walking. Its amazing how time flies.
Clint's job is going good and I am back to work too. I am working at DC Welding and I work 4 days a week, from 9-3. I love it and it keeps me busy!

Stay tuned for more posts! Ha ha!