Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The New House

So here are some pix of the new house! I know I took a very long time to post these but I was moving! This was actually the day we had to close and they hadn't taken down the sign yet!

This is our new kitchen in which I love the cabinets, and the counter tops. It has so much more space than our old house! This is our new summer adventure. Yep Clint is so excited to go cut wood! This is in the "master suite" downstairs that someday we will remodel!
Here is Riley out on the rope swing that the kids just love!
Little Heber is on the teeter-totter with Anika.
Anika Joye on the rope swing. She says she is getting good at it but Riley has to be careful or it "hurts his nuts!" Oh gosh what things kids say!
Heber fell off the teeter-totter and was just laughing about it! What a girl....

I will post more pictures after we are all moved in and decorated! Hope you liked it. Come see us sometime!

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