Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mr. and Mrs.

Mandy tagged me and I am kinda excited about this one!

How did we meet: Clint and I actually met at Club XS. He was with a bunch of his friends and I was with one of mine. He came up and said that his friends didn't think he could get us "hot" girls to dance with him. What a pick up line huh? Well we danced together and he got more drunk. I was so surprised he could still walk at the end of the night. When we were leavign he asked if he could "steal a kiss." I said no and left because I had to work at 6 AM the next morning. (Gotta love wal-mart hours right?) He ended up showing up to walmart the next day and asked if he could see me when I got off that evening. He came over to my house and we hung out with my kids and have been together ever since.

Where did you go on your first date: Cobble Rock restaurant and let me tell you it was the first and last time I have ever eaten there! I thought it was so gross!

How long have you been together? Been together almost 3 years, married 2 1/2.

Who said ‘I love you’ first? When he was off for his 2 weeks, he would go back to Richfield to see his daughter and he would always say, I want to kiss you lots. And one night he said that I should substitute I love you for those words. I thought it was really cute and I told him I wanted to kiss him lots too.

Who is taller: Clint, but not by much! On a good hair day, I am so taller than him. He is 5'10 and I am 5'8

Who sings better: He knows more music than I do but I think I can sing better.

Who is smarter: I am of course, he isn't even computer literate.

Who does the laundry: Me. Just kidding we both do.

Who does the dishes: Me. Just kidding our whole family does.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed: I do.

Who pays the bills: I do as he would be shocked if he knew how much money we spent!

Who mows the lawn: He does or Riley does when he is home.

Who cooks dinner: Me. He can only cook macaroni and cheese!

Who drives when you are together: If it is in a big city I drive, other than that Clint drives.

Who is more stubborn: 100%, no doubt about it, ME!

Who kissed who first: We both just kissed each other lots!

Who is more sensitive: ME! I so wear all of my emotions on my sleeve and get my feelings hurt really easily.

Who proposed: Clint, and I was totally surprised! We went to dinner with my parents for his birthday and he got down on one knee in the middle of Win-on and made me bawl like a little baby!

Who has more siblings: He does, I am a spoiled only child.

Who wears the pants: I do of course. Have you met me? LOL!

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Cara, You are so stinkin cute!