Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Here is my boy who I am so missing right now. He is having a blast in Alaska with the family. He was a little worried about the flight but it ended up being very cool. His flight had been delayed and we were just visiting with some people at the gate and who did I see? Ok so I don't think you'll guess, Miranda Fosness. We went to school together and she happened to be taking the very same flight as Riley and she assured him that nothing would happen to him. How cool is that and oh yeah what a small world huh? After Riley got on the plane, I had to wait until it left the gate, and so I just was trying to take some pix of the plane and the way cool check in people had Riley go up tot he cockpit to check it out and he actually got to sit in the pilot's seat and wave to me out the window! Delta sure gets my vote for our next flights! Riley called me when they arrived and you could just hear it in his voice how cool it had been! He is such a great son and I am so proud of him.

Here he is driving out to Salt Lake...
Here he and Anika are crashed out to the world..notice the ipod is still on!
Lovely construction we got to wait in!
Riley at the airport! He is so cute!
Here is his plane before takeoff...
Here it is after everyone got on! I know he will soon be a pro at flying just don't know who is gonna pay for it. Ha ha. Miss you Riley Dylie. Can't wait to pick you up and hug your guts out!

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