Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Monroe Mountain

My cutest nephew Garrett!

My beautiful niece Sierra.

No this is how you do it! No this way!

Brandon, Jill, Brashae, and Heber.

My in-laws Jerry and Carol.

This past weekend we went to Richfield for a very small Goodman Reunion. We went up on the property on Monroe Mountain and camped out. It was so fun! Friday evening when we got there we had dinner and went on a ride. Clint and I rode a four wheeler and the kids split up into the rhino with Grandma and Grandpa and the razor with Aunt Jill and Uncle Brandon while my cute nephew rode his four wheeler. We went out looking for animals and saw a bunch of deer and 2 bull elk which were huge! We also saw a group of cow and calf elk from afar. After our ride, we went back to camp and roasted marshmallows on the fire. I love a very gooey nicely toasted marshmallow! MMMMMMMM. On Saturday we decided to go on a monster ride and have a great picnic. We didn't see much wildlife but did get rained on a tiny amount. After that we went back to camp to just hang out and try to nap. We cooked dinner and went on another ride. We went to an awesome spot called the towers. The sun was setting and we got some beautiful pictures of us! I'll post them tomorrow. Then on the way back to camp in the dark, we happened upon 3 HUGE bull elk and of course it was too dark to get a picture. DANG IT! All in all it was a great time camping and catching up with Clint's family.

This was my awesome view for our Friday ride!

This orange couch just sits on someones property and I thought it looked so cool!

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