Monday, August 18, 2008


We went to the zoo with Jen,Robbie,Justin and Anya on Sunday. I became friends with them when I lived in evanston and since I moved back to Vernal, I haven't seen them but once! Jen and I talked all the time on yahoo but never could get together. WEll we finally decided to meet and catch up and let the kids see each other. Wouldn't you know it as soon as they saaw each other they were just like best friends again. How cool is that! Now we have promised to keep in better touch and see each other more often! Love ya Fladland family! I'll add more pics tomorrow! The above pic is with a Bald Eagle at the zoo! It was amazing how huge it was! It was so neat to see it up close!

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galleygrapevine said...

cool! I used to hate the Zoo because it seemed so dirty and hot but the last time I went, it was really nice.
the bird show is really fun!