Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Last night Clint, Anika, Heber and I went to the "old" house to clean it and get the very last of our stuff. It was kind of sad to be leaving the house that Heber was born in and also that the kids had so many firsts in. But then I think of our "new" house and all the extra room we have and all the times that we can look forward to. We actually will look forward to our family visiting because we now have the room for them to stay! Yippee! I have found some very interesting and cool things while moving.
1. Some pictures from high school of many friends including Mandy, Debra, Josie and of course the wonderful Brett!
2. Messes like no other in my kids rooms. They have now been scolded severely about their rooms and what they can and cannot do in them.
3. I am a pack rat. Yes I finally admitted it, and I think my husband is astonished. I did throw a lot of shoes away that I thought I might wear one more time though. Now I told him I can buy more shoes! He just laughed at me.

I am sure more funny things will follow along with actual pictures of our new house!

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Slaugh Family said...

Oh yes I know what you really found in the old house haha arent you glad I am blogging well kinda anyways I know that you are a HUGE pack rat but I still love your guts and liver.