Monday, July 28, 2008


Finally, we are all moved in to the new house! A HUGE thanks goes out to my parents, Amanda, and Ryan for helping us move. It has been a very very long process and we will prob still be unpacking in 2009! Just kidding but really at least until August! It is a very stressful time at our house as we get ready to send Riley off to Alaska and we have a family reunion to travel to this weekend. All of this amidst the boxes! At least we know where the tent and sleeping bags and Riley's luggage are! I wish I knew where the camera cord was so that I could post the pictures I took over the weekend! Ha ha. I'll do another post as soon as I find that darn cord! Until then.......

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Slaugh Family said...

I love the new house and it has been a long time coming CONGRATS, so um when are we coming over for dinner?
love your guts and your liver.