Friday, July 25, 2008

The Goodman Zoo

This one's for the pets. Well two of them. On July 5th when we were in Richfield Clint told me he had a surprise for me and took me into town and to the pet store to get a kitten. She is soo cute and her name is Sundae because of all her colors we thought she looked like an ice cream sundae. Clint has always loved animals and it has just killed him being in our rental and not having a dog. So when we bought this new house we just had to get a dog. I got on KSL classifieds and looked for an american bulldog. He has always wanted one but there is no way I am gonna pay $1400 for a dog. So we started looking for a lab on there and wow there were some here in town. We called them and went to see the puppies. They were sooo cute we had to get one. Now I am not a huge John Wayne fan but I can stand a few of his movies, so we named the dog, Duke Rooster Cogburn Goodman. Isn't that cute?We thought so... here are a few pix of our pets. More on the turtles later...

Look at that sad face!

Here is Clint's impression of Duke... LMAO!

Duke isn't much bigger than Clint's foot here.

Duke loves to sleep in weird places. Here I found him behind the hose reel and his head propped up on the hose teeth bared. I think he looks like Falcor on The Never Ending Story!

Duke and Sundae weren't friends at first but they are learning to play very well.

Sundae the night we got her!

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