Sunday, June 21, 2009

Where have all the good times gone?

I cannot believe it has been so long since I blogged! I have a lot of posts so sorry! First of was the girls' birthday party. We usually have a double party since the girls' birthdays are only 8 days apart and this year was no exception. Anika did have some friends over though and they all had a blast! I sure can't believe Anika is 8 and Brashae is 5! A good time was had by all and as always the girls got spoiled rotten, well ok just spoiled! We sure love our girls and can't wait until Heber's birthday now. She hasn't stopped talking about it even though its like 3 months away! I hope she iwll still be excited about it when it does get here..Enjoy the pics!

This is their cake, they wanted a cupcake cake made in the shape of a flower... I think I got it!

The cute letters I had Mandy make for Anika's room!

Heber loves pupcakes! I think she ate 6 of them!

Dad and Riley were bored with the festivities!

The spoiled birthday girls!

The only part that wasn't fun for me was putting together all the little pieces of the Barbie sets, that crap is for the birds! I think it was my parent's way of getting back at me for them having to put together all of mine when I was little!

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Jeremy and Christine said...

Looks like fun! I LOVE the A N I K A letters! I might need to know more about them for Brenda!