Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sleeping on the tramp

I'm not sure if our girls are wussies or what, because Clint and I both lived on our trampolines when we grew up, and our girls are so afraid of sleeping on it. I can remember sleeping out on Kristen's tramp and she on ours many many times, and Clint says he practically stayed every night on theirs growing up too. Well the girls finally got brave enough to try it out Friday night. We were supposed to have gone up the mountain camping but the rain ruined those plans. I think they had fun anyways!

yeah they look so sweet and innocent...

Starting out the night in their sleeping bags.

One little redhead started it all...

Then they all had to jump around! They finally laid down about 10:30 and we thought they were good for the night, but as we were getting in bed about 11:45 Clint could hear Heber out there crying and she woke up the other 2 and they all came inside to sleep! They did last a lot longer than we thought though! Maybe next time they will make it all night!

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