Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Doctor Appt update!

I went to the doctor today and was hoping for some better news than he gave me but oh well. I wanted him to say lets go to the hospital and have this baby! I hadn't dilated as much as I wanted but the doctor did strip my membranes and sent me home. He said he may see me in the delivery room by tomorrow! I would be so excited! Just wanted to let you all know! Have a wonderful day!


Robin Conner said...

I'm getting so excited for you! Any time now! You're going to do great! I loved the baby shower pics! Those blankets were awesome! I loved the brown and pink one! Sooooo cute! The dogs were cute too in the post below. They look like best friends! Hang in there mamma! Keep us updated! ;)

The Merkleys said...

Oh how exciting! I am glad you found my blog. I just made it private but sent you an invite! Good luck with baby!