Sunday, June 28, 2009

Baby Shower

Yesterday my family threw me a little baby shower. It was so much fun even though we didn't have many people attend. We played some fun games that Leslie made and had some wonderful food and fun decor from my mom and Aunt Teri. I got some wonderful blankets that I will cherish and can't wait to use! Enjoy the pix!

My mom won the Don't forget about Daddy quiz. It was a bunch of questions about Clint and what he said when he found out we were expecting. My favorite questions on there were the ones about what he wanted the baby to get from me and from himself. He wants the baby to have my smarts and his sense of humor! Let's all hope those don't get switched at birth!

Here is my Aunt Teri. She is such an awesome woman!

Here are Julie and Delaine chilling. Julie won the scrambled baby words we did.

Here are Anika, my step mom Carmen, and my Grandma Donna.

My most awesomest cousin Leslie (those were her words)!

Here is my wonderful friend Amanda opening her gift for the Nursery Rhyme game with some assistance from Heber.

This brown and pink blanket was made by Delaine and I just love the patterns to it!

My Aunt Ruth made this quilt with the purple minkie on the back and the ladybugs and frogs on the front! I am tempted to use it for myself!

This is a blanket that Carm bought the material to make and then found another blanket with the same material so she bought it too!

This is a blanket that I helped Carm start waaaaaay back when I was pregnant with Anika and we never ever got it finished. Carm made up the border on it and suprised me with this gift at the shower, and I love it!

This is Heber checking out the Winnie the Pooh gift sets I got!

Anika loves the tutu Delaine made for the baby! Now all my girls have tutus and I will have to post pics of them!

All in all it was a wonderful shower and we had a good time. Now who is coming over to put all of this stuff away for me??

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allbut1 said...

Holy boobs!!! haha I had a great time! Thanks for inviting me!!!