Sunday, June 28, 2009

Romeo and Juliet...Duke and Delilah

My husband is heart broken as his best friend Duke has a new friend Delilah. She is the cutest dog and she lives next door but gets out quite often and comes to visit. Otherwise you will see them both visiting through the fence. Two times in just the last three days she has broken out and come to play with Duke. We don't mind but I think the neighbors don't like her digging out of their yard. I think its payback for when my mom's dog Chamois would dig under the fence to go see them! LOL!Delilah is a mix of pit bull and bull dog and we would love to have a dog like her if only the neighbors would give her up!

They give each other hugs...

And wrestle all the time...

And the occasional kiss, mixed with lots of slobber of course!

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