Friday, June 26, 2009

So glad...

I am so glad that baseball and softball seasons are over. I enjoyed them but am also glad they are over. Riley's team ended up taking second place,and Anika's 3rd place. They both had wonderful coaches this year! I am not working anymore and the doctor said that is a good thing! I went in for a check up on Wednesday and he said I was dilated to a 2 but not effacing. He said it could be that I went into labor that night or within a week. Darn him he wouldn't pinpoint it for me! LOL! I'm just glad he is back in town to deliver my baby. After he said that I was so excited that I started tackling all my little to do's around the house. So far, we have replaced the screen door handle, washed all the outside windows, painted my flower Amanda gave me, and stained my front door. I cleaned my house from top to bottom and right now you can't even tell! That is so frustrating! I also have started to make my birth announcements. Mandy came up with a very cute card and I am going to copy her! I hope they turn out as cute as her card! Tomorrow is my baby shower and I am starting to stress a little bit as I realize all the things I don't have! I would love to rush right out and buy the things I'm wanting but Clint keeps telling me to hold off for a couple more days! He is so smart! Haha. Anyway, as for right now I am just taking it easy and playing around. I'm going to spend one day this weekend just cooking dinners to freeze and would love any suggestions you may have! I also have been uploading a ton of pictures on Face book from when my kids were younger...go here to see them! I update Facebook several times a day so add me as a friend for the most up to date baby news! Have a great day!

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Robin Conner said...

I'm getting so excited for you! I can't believe you are going to have this baby any day now! I hope you have time to cook your dinners to freeze, and get the stuff you need. But everything seems to work out in the end any way! Hang in there mamma!
Freezer meal ideas:
The obvious: Lasagne, Enchiladas, favorite casseroles.
I always have several bags of already browned hamburger for quick meals like, tacos, spaghetti, hamburger helper. Also, we grill like 20 chicken breasts at a time, and freeze them. It makes for quick meals like fajitas, grilled chicken wraps (in a tortilla, with lettuce, tomato, and ranch, yummy), grilled chicken sandwiches, salad, etc....
I'm sure you have already thought of all of these and you probably have way better ideas. Do share if you do! ;)
But I'm getting so excited for you! Relax and enjoy the last few days of infant freedom! ;)