Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New Layout

Ok so Mandy did my new layout for Fall and I love it! We were chatting about a new saying for my header and I decided to have a contest to come up with a new saying. I want it to reflect the holidays, as I will be changing my layout again after Thanksgiving! You can email me or leave your suggestions in the comments section and after Halloween, I will put the top 5 in a poll here on the blog and the winning saying will receive a prize! Go put on your thinking caps and come up with something funny for our blog!


Kandice said...

Awww. isn't mandy the best, she did a great job!!!

Slaugh Family said...

I love it I think she needs to do me a new one for fall, I better give her a call. I know what you are thinking Cara Lee, like I blog that much anyways.
Thanks for the new scents, Debbie will love them I hope?????