Monday, October 13, 2008


Those wacky cool girls at momdot are at it again! This time they are giving away a steam cleaner! Go check it out and enter! You can tellt hem I sent you if you'd like! Go Go Go!

Bissell Pro-Dry is engineered for your floors to dry in THIRTY MINUTES! Before you are done with dinner, your carpet is ready to put the baby back on it!

Your BISSELL PROdry carpet cleaner is a home cleaning system that uses a combination of hot tap water, BISSELL advanced cleaning formula, the innovative TLR PowerRoller and suction to safely clean carpet and area rugs. TLR PowerRoller™ The TLR PowerRoller is designed for great cleaning performance with fast drying results. It Traps, Lifts and Removes dirt and debris. Unlike traditional carpet cleaners, where cleaning solution is sprayed directly into the carpet, the TLR PowerRoller absorbs the majority of the spray from the machine, meaning your carpet and area rugs get cleaned and revitalized, while still allowing you to get back on them in less than 30 minutes. When in the upright position, for storage or tool use, the TLR PowerRoller is lifted off the floor surface and held in space. This will also help the TLR PowerRoller dry between uses. The TLR PowerRoller can be washed or replaced as needed.

Now that I told you all that…I bet you want to know where to buy one! Bissell is located in all states and just by going here to the product finder and putting in your zip code, you can hunt down your closest store. Here is a hint..leave the computer screen open so your husband sees it.

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