Friday, October 17, 2008


So I have 2 awesome wonderful amazing friends whose birthday is tomorrow! One is turning 30 and the other 27. So here goes a little bit o history on both of them!
Mandy (who is turning the dreaded 30) and I have been a part of each others lives in a wierd kind of way since we were little! When her Mom and Dad were married they were friends and neighbors with my Aunt and her first husband Mike. That really doesn't pertain to Mandy and I but oh well... Then we went to school together and in jr high and high scool were on yearbook together and spent many hours hanging out! We used to drag main in her little white car listening to all kinds of weird music! We also have this crazy mutual friend who no longer lives in this country but still visits! Then there is our moms... What can we say we have to love them right? Mandy and I swear that our moms are sisters seperated at birth! I don't mean anything by this except that they both would give you the shirts off their backs without even thinking about what they would do for a shirt first! They are crazy and we love them for it! They have helped makes us who we are today! Mandy also helped me get into this whole blogging world and is also my blog designer! She rocks...Stay tuned for her next design on here! Anyways I so give this award to Mandy for her awesomeness. Happy Birthday woman!

Now for Amanda. She is this wonderful mom to three wonderful kids. Oh yeah did I mention they are hellians? They are but we love them for it. She is a dedicated wife and an awesome friend. We met this year and have grown so close in just these few short months! She is an all out country girl and I love her to death. She would bend over backwards to help anyone who needed it, but seldom takes time for herself! We talk almost every day on messenger and if one of us isn't on the computer, we text like crazy! She is just like a sister to me and I hope that she has an awesome birthday tomorrow!



Mandy said...

Ohhhh, I love you. You are so awesome. Thanks for the sweet award. And the even sweeter gift!

allbut1 said...

You made my bday the most awesome one ever! Thank you!!! I can't say that enough! Love you tons!!!!