Monday, September 8, 2008

Weekend blues

I know I haven't posted for a couple of days but I have been busy! I had my scentsy party on Saturday and it was so much fun. BTW if you want to order anything my party is still open. Then we went out to dinner with Amanda and Ryan. Cassidys has very good food and it was fun to go kidless for a couple of hours! Then on Sunday we decided we would take our dog and my cousins dog (who we were dogsitting) to swim up at Steinaker. I ran to Smiths to get some snackies and when I came back out, my durango wouldn't start! Clint came up to try and jump start it but it wouldn't even do that! Alot of cuss words and bad attitudes later, we decided to leave it and have it towed on Monday. I then called my cuz to see if I could use her car and she said yes! So I wasn't completely carless. Ha ha. Today I got the durango towed and hopefully they can look at it this week and get it fixed! I have spent so much money on it lately ($1700 in the last 3 weeks) that it makes me sick to have to put more into it. I think that I might sell it even though we are upside down in it a little bit! Not to mention all the repairs lately! So please do not buy a purple Dodge Durango from any of the dealers here in town as I don't want you to end up with my sucky old car! Ha ha! Now what kind of car do you all think I should buy? Oh yeah and to top ot all off, my great grandpa passed away last night! Yeah talk about a bad weekend!


Conner Clan said...

Hi Cara,
It was fun to see you on here and read about your "fun" weekend! I hope all is well there and I hope your car get's fixed soon! Sorry to hear about your grandpa. Hopefully you'll have a better week than your weekend! ;)

galleygrapevine said...

Sorry to hear about your car. When I had my mini van it was a piece. We traded it in just in time to get a good amount of $ out of it.
Car problems SUCK!!!!!