Monday, September 8, 2008

The big 30!

Today I turned the big 30 and it was a hell of a day! If you read my previous post, you will understand better why it started out so hellish. I arrived at work after greetings from my hubby and other family members (kids not included, I guess they didn't get the memo!) and received a card from my boss that cracked me up! She knows me so well. Then I kept getting calls and texts wishing me well and giving me a hard time about my old age and they just kept lifting my spirits! I finally got out of my bad mood when Bradley the flower guy (old family friend) brought me not one but two gorgeous bouquets of flowers and a singing balloon! Then my family had planned a party for me at my Grandma Lou's house and we had a wonderful dinner. They had already given me my gift of a new coffee table and end tables for the new house! It was nice to just relax and have a nice dinner, and a huge cake! All in all, 30 isn't so bad after all... Thanks to all my wonderful friends and family who made my day!

These flowers are from Clint and the kids...

These flowers are from my Dad and step mom.

This is my singing balloon!

This is the yummy cake my mom got me! Yep it says Happy Birthday Stinky Nasty...That was my nickname given to me by my Grandpa Phil when I was about 2 days old! Oh how I miss him!

Here is Heber eating cake. She would only eat the frosting and she was dipping chips into the frosting and eating it! Talk about gross!

Thanks again for helping my day be so great! You know who you are... LOL


Mandy said...

Well I am a super sucky friend. I SERIOUSLY thought your birthday was the 10th. I suck ass. I hope it was amazingn, even though you have a crappy friend.

happy birthday to you....
happy birthday to you....
happy birthday dear Cara....
happy birthday to you!!!!

I love you!!!!!!!!

galleygrapevine said...

Sorry I didn't know it was your birthday!! SO.
Happy, Happy, Happy,
Looks like a lot remembered.

Kandice said...

Happy day!!! are old! j/k, I am not far behind you. It sounds like you have a LOT of people who care about you who made your day special.