Wednesday, September 3, 2008


So for about oh 6-9 months now I have been wanting another baby. I have been trying and trying to convince Clint that we needed one more. After all we need a boy to carry on the Goodman name right? Well MR G told me that when we got a new house we could discuss it. Now that we are in the new house , I have been actively pursuing having another one, but MR G just won't have it! He is afraid it will mess up my herniated disks in my back (which are healing very nicely), and he wants a boy so bad I don't know what he would do with a girl! Well we would love it no matter what we had but would prefer a boy ya know? Lately I have been checking out the Chinese Fertility Calendar to see when the best time is to have a boy and wouldn't you know it? Yep looks like we are all set to get a boy for about 6 months! So here's to us! Oh yeah and I would totally love to win the stroller at momdot for this addition to our family!

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