Saturday, May 23, 2009

Life in General

Hi everyone... Just a quick note to fill you all in! We have been so busy! Riley and Anika are ready to be out of school and I am ready to have this baby! I start going to the doctor every week next wedneday and we can't wait to get her here! Anika has been invited to perticipate in the 2nd grade spelling bee at her school. She is very excited and we hope she does her best! Riley will be spending the month of June at his dad's and we will miss him a lot but he will have fun over there! Softball is almost over but Anika wants to try out for All Stars and we wish her the best of luck. Baseball goes through the June so we are far from done there. Work is busy buys for both Clint and I. I have been cut down to 28 hours a week and Clint's schedule has changed but other than that work is great! We are so grateful for our jobs that we won't complain. The economy will pick back up soon and things will be back to normal. Hope everything is going great in your lives!

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Robin Conner said...

I can not believe you are due so soon! Holy Cow! And just when school gets out??? You poor mama! You'll have all the kids home at once! You'll do great.!!! You've got to post some prego pics before you pop! I love prego pics! any names picked out yet?