Tuesday, May 26, 2009

About my little Heber...

who isn't so little anymore. First off I can't believe that I only have 37 days left! OMG I am SOOOO not ready for this baby! I don't have the crib put up, any of her clothes washed, etc. Anyways, in light of this baby coming, Clint and I have both been going through all of Heber's pictures on the computer of when she was first born! Here are some of our favorites....

Our first pic after her birth!

Chilling getting her hair washed in her first bath!

Her first car ride!

Her first taste of cereal!

her first pony at her first Christmas! Yes grandpa spoils her!

I could go on and on but I won't! Not very many more days until I will be starting to post about the new darling. We have a few names picked out but nothing is decided yet! Maybe I should post a poll on here. What do you think?

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Robyn said...

Aww what a sweetheart! Not too long and you'll be doing it all again!!