Tuesday, May 26, 2009

All about this very cool park...

in Loveland Colorado! While we were in Loveland visiting Melody, Kirk and Aurora, we went to this very very cool park. I wish we had a park like this in Vernal! I think Clint and I liked it as much as the kids did!

Grandpa is the best helper!

Grandpa is an awesome spotter too!

These little blue seats don't look like much, but got you spinning very fast with just a little help!

Heber can do these all by herself!

Look mom, no hands!

The saucer swing... Heber didn't like it very much.

Aurora, Melody and Kirk

The tilted saucer.

If you don't think my husband had fun at this park you would be DEAD wrong!

That saucer swing was so cool I didn't want to get off, but this little girl inside me wasn't liking it at all! Haha!

I told you this was an awesome park!

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Robin Conner said...

That is the coolest park I've ever seen! Looks like so much fun! That's the way they should build all parks! ;) Hope you're hanging in there! I can't believe you're going to pop so soon! Only a month! Crazy. Just enjoy not doing night feedings. They are a killer. My little man is 8 weeks old tomorrow and finally starting to sleep about 6 hours straight! AWWWW Praise the lord!!!!