Sunday, April 26, 2009

Riley's First Game!

Riley has his first baseball game of the season yesterday! He is playing for the Diamondbacks and they look to be a pretty good team this year! At the scrimmage game on Thursday they boys got their uniforms. Riley of course chose number 3 which he has had every year since he started playing. I guess there was some confusion when ordering shirts and the coaches wanted him to take a shirt that didn't really fit him, but Clint stood up for Riley and said he has the number he wants and it fits him so he needs to keep it. Problem Solved. Or so we thought! Walking to the field on Saturday morning, I saw a kid in the number 3 uniform on the field that WAS NOT my son. I went into the dugout to say hello to Riley and wish him luck and asked him what happened with the uniform. He didn't want to tell me but finally did tell me that the coach made him trade but the number 6 uniform didn't really fit him, it was way too short. SO I promptly got mad. I walked out of the dugout and asked Camille (Riley's step mom) if she knew what had happened with the shirt situation. She was sitting by both of the coaches wives and they said that the coaches rounded up all the shirts and matched the sizes we had ordered to the boys and assigned numbers that way. YEAH RIGHT! I was so mad because I felt like Riley had been taken advantage of, and if you thought I was mad, you should have seen my husband! He was all cussing and giving me attitude. I could see his point but I wasn't going to make a big deal about it at that time. Anyways, the boys played well and we ended up winning 3-2. I hurried to the car since we had a bunch of family there and I wasn't going to make Riley embarrassed by making a scene. I was hoping Clint would feel the same way, and thank heavens he did. I guess it will all roll around right, or we can go have another jersey made that has his name on it. We didn't want to say something to the coaches and have them punish Riley for it. Anyways, I am off that soap box! I am glad Riley had fun, and I can't wait to see him improve this season as he has in the past! GO DIAMONDBACKS!

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