Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Weekend!

First off sorry for ALL of these pictures, but I couldn't decide which ones to not post so I posted them all. These are from our Spring Break and Easter weekend. Thursday night Clint and the girls went to pick up Brashae in Price and when they got home we all watched Marley and Me. I have never ever cried so much at a movie before. I loved it though and have since bought the tear jerker!
Friday we just hung out and went grocery shopping and delivered some orders. I was very glad I had the day off of work. Friday evening my mom came over and we dyed eggs. We had one adult for every girl to dye eggs with and that is why there aren't many pictures.
Saturday morning we woke up to dreary clouds and got ready to go to the egg hunts in town. Brashae had a cough and so we didn't want to get any sicker, so we just hunted at the Museum with my dad and stepmom. It is a very fun hunt for the kids and I love it because it isn't all pandemonium and chaos. Then after that, we went up town town and goofed off some more. Saturday evening we all went to my Aunt Teri's house for dinner with my grandma. We had a good time and bowled on the wii some. Again I have no pictures except for one. I am a slacker.
Sunday we got up and Brashae stil wasn't feeling great so Anika went to church but the rest of us stayed home. Then Clint called about noon and said he would be home around one so we could all go to the family dinner at Grandma Donna's. I was very excited. We had a nice family dinner and a fun egg hunt, then we drove back to Price with Brashae and had a nice time.
Monday came and I had to work but the girls had a fun time at Sherry's and even got some sun! I hope your weekend was just as nice.

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Robyn said...

Looks like you had a fun and busy weekend. Cute blog btw!