Monday, January 26, 2009


This morning the bus was about 25 minutes late picking up the kids because of all the snow we got through the night! Right then we should have known they would cancel school. Before 9:00 Riley had called me and let me know they would be getting out of school around 12:30 because of all the snow. Then Anika's teacher called making sure someone would be at the house when they got home. Boy was I glad that Clint had the day off. The roads were so bad that even though Roosevelt only got a skiff of snow, they had the road closed between Roosevelt and Vernal! Needless to say it was a quiet day at work! I cannot remember ever having a snow day when we were in school! LUCKY KIDS! Oh did I forget to mention that my kids got to come home and shovel snow? Haha! Maybe they wanted to stay at school?!?!?

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