Thursday, January 22, 2009

Life in general

So a little bit about our lives lately! We have had the flu, are selling girl scout cookies, and general craziness... am so proud of Anika and all of her selling efforts. She is all excited to go sell and I usually have to reign her in at the end of the day! What a girl!
My friend Jamie D. came over and helped me hang up a bunch of stuff in the living rooms and in the kitchen. It was nice to have someone else's opinions and ideas. She was such a help! THANKS JAMIE!
Clint got hired with anadarko permanently a couple of months ago and he got his NEW truck the first part of January! It has been getting tooled up and decked out and he is so excited to start driving it every day! I will post pictures of it soon! I wish I had one without all the tools... SOME DAY!
I am doing okay with the pregnancy and we have an ultrasound coming up to let us know if the baby is a prince or princess. WE will take whatever God has planned but we would really really like a little boy!
Heber has been having some problems sleeping lately and we have been struggling with all the things hat come with! UGGGHH! I am so thankful I have a wonderful husband who will get up in the night ad put her back to bed!
Riley turns 11 at the end of the month and I can't believe it. I am getting so old! HAHA!
Hope your family is doing as well as ours! We would love to hear all about yours too!

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Robin Conner said...

Good to read your update. Glad the pregnancy is going well. And congrats to your hubby on the new truck, that will be nice! I hope for your sake you get your boy, if not we can trade! Cause I really wanted a girl! ha ha! ;) Have a good weekend!