Friday, January 23, 2009

29 with the attitude of an 18 year old!

Today is Clint's 29th birthday!

I wanted to share 29 things about my DH!

1. He is such a trivia buff. He says he has a wealth of useless information!
2. Once he embarrassed me soo bad in Casa Rios!
3. He likes to play card games with friends.
4. He loves to tease all kids, and sometimes doesn't know when to stop!
5. Would love to own and restore a kick ass old car!
6. His first vehicle was a Chevy Luv and he would like one of those too!
7. Has worked in a youth rehab! Quite an interesting job!
8. He is an AWESOME Dad.
9. He put his parents through HELL growing up! And yes they do still love him!
10. He has 2 sisters. I love this as I have no siblings...
11. He would drop ANYTHING for a friend! And has many a time!
12. Has a motorcycle he never rides!
13. Secretly dreams of being metro sexual. Just don't ask ok?? HAHA!
14. Has a boat load of tools and no idea how to use most of them!
15. Is a huge flirt. Especially with Jacque! LOL
16. Owns an old red truck that he doesn't drive. It hasn't moved since we moved into this house!
17. Once set fire to a hillside on his sisters birthday.
18. Has been arrested...just once though.
19. He has a metal detector that he loves...

20.He loves to camp and be outdoors.
21. He has such a relationship with his Mom, I can only hope that my son has that kind of relatonship with me when he gets older!
22. He is wayyy into heavy metal music.
23. He doesn't have a diploma with his name on it, it actually says Lydia Goodman. Long story short,he never thought they would put it on there...
24. He was a total surprise... his mom went in for surgery and SURPRISE there was Clint!
25. He stopped smoking cold turkey.
26. He collects the Dukes of Hazard DVD's.
27. He is such an animal lover...
28. He once had 3 jobs at the same time.
29. He used to work at a movie theater with a balcony and he thought it was cool to take girls up there and "mack" on them!
What a clown my husband is but I am so thankful for him. He is a wonderful provider and he is always doing thoughtful things for us.

I love you baby! Now you are getting old like me!! Happy Birthday!


allbut1 said... sweet!!! Happy Bday!!!!

ThE DoWden FaMilY said...

how cute! happy birthday clinton!

ThE DoWden FaMilY said...

clints sucj a trivia buff..we need to play some games!