Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Our new Arrival

On Friday night I was having pretty steady contractions and they lasted most of the night, so we had my Mom come and stay with the girls while we went to the hospital. That was at midnight and we were sent home about 1:30 saying I was only dilated to a 3 and not effaced very much. We were so bummed out we went right to bed. I woke up at 5 AM with even harder contractions and had Clint start timing them. They were lasting about a minute with 2-3 minutes in between. We decided we should get back to the hospital. They looked at us like we were crazy but I told them how much pain I was in and they decided to stick me in a tiny room and check me anyways. I think they thought I really was crazy! Well after checking me they said I would be admitted as I had made a lot of progress in those few hours. We were so excited, we called my mom and Carm and told them I would be having the baby that day. Dad, Carm and Anika were up on the mountain so they started getting ready to come down. Meanwhile I kept telling the nurse how uncomfortable I was and how I wanted my epidural as soon as I could. I was sweating so bad and they told me I couldn't even have ice chips until they got me into a birthing room! I couldn't even keep still enough to keep the monitors on. I was in so much pain I had to get up and walk around. I know the nurse thought I was crazy at this point. I had her check me again because I felt like I needed to push (still in the closet room mind you) and she did check me and she said the baby's head was right there! She and Clint hurried to wheel me into a birthing room and all I remember saying was please don't let me have my baby in the hall! After getting into the birthing room, the nurses were getting everything set up for Dr B who was on his way to the hospital. All of a sudden I knew I needed to push but they kept telling me to save my energy for the right time. When the nurse checked me again, my baby was crowning, and I had to push! All in all, I had my baby right on the bed with 2 startled nurses and a worried husband! She came out crying and she looked beautiful. I know Liberty surprised the nurses, it was kind of comical looking back now. Then the doc came in and checked us both out and said we looked fine. I had a few visitors that morning Amanda, Mom, Heber, Shae, Aunt Tee and Uncle Roger all came to see Liberty! We were so excited that our baby was still here. Carm called a few minutes later and we had to explain to her how fast Liberty made her entrance.
I was scheduled for surgery to get my tubes tied at noon so I had a couple of hours to relax before heading in. I have never had any type of surgery so I was a nervous wreck and all I could think about while lying their waiting to be knocked otu was all the bad things that could happen. None of them did though and I made it just fine. I guess a few more people had come to see the baby while I was in surgery and I had a room full of people when they wheeled me back in my room at 2 PM. Liberty has been home since Sunday night and she couldn't be a better baby! She hardly ever cries and if she does it is always a soft cry. I hope you enjoy these pictures!

Alece our wonderful nurse!

Grandma Carm and Anika with Liberty!

Proud grandpa Gary!

Riley, Anika and Liberty chilling on the couch!

Her first shampoo!

First bath and she hated it!

Her first mohawk!

Great Grandma Lou and Liberty!

Me and Heber...

Shae, Heber, Dad and Liberty...

Our 2nd day in the hospital!

I loved this green bow!


The Merkleys said...

I swear sometimes nurses are crazy! You know your body! When you told the nurse you had to push and she said "wait till the time is right". What kind of comment is that. When you have to push you have to push!!! I am glad everything went well.

Kandice said...

Congrats Cara...way to go doing it all natural. My labors were all super fast and I pushed them out so fast and the nurses didn't believe me it was time either! She is so cute!

Wish upon a Starr said...

Wow!! My mom said you had a fast delivery. She told me I had to ask you about it (she couldn't say any more, though I tried). How scary!! Good to hear that you and baby are all okay. Gongrats again, shes beautiful!!

Robin Conner said...

Oh my gosh! I can't believe it girl! You are wonder woman! Nurses are so retarded sometimes! They need to remember this isn't your first pregnancy. After you've had a couple babies, our bodies open up like the grand canyon and the babies practically fall out! ;) ha ha ha! You did really good! The pics are great!

Jeremy, Christine, Brenda, Cooper said...

Cute Pics! So glad everything went well. Sorry about the pain, but that's all gone now and you can enjoy your precious sweetie!