Monday, July 13, 2009

More Liberty

Its hard to believe shes already a week old! Its gone by so fast. Everyone keeps telling me to take it easy but I haven't ever had an easier birth. The only thing that has been bothering me is my incision, but even the bruises are fading and I'm not so sore. Pretty soon I'll be completely back to normal. My in laws came to visit last Thursday and we had an awesome visit. Jerry and Clint fixed our air conditioner and I couldn't be happier, and Carol noticed that Duke had an infection in his ear so we took him into the vet and got him some medication! WE also had a good dinner at Don Pedro's and just hung out and caught up. WE are headed down to see them this Friday and maybe go up the mountain. Saturday evening we took the little girls up the mountain to see the big kids and grandma and grandpa. We took a couple of short wheeler rides and had a nice dinner. I think my parents are really going to enjoy their new camper and the toys that go with it. Liberty is doing so well, she has even slept through the night 3 times this past week. She is a very easy going baby. Here are some random pics.

Grandma Carol and Grandpa Jerry with their last grand baby!

She loves to sleep in her car seat even though she is all scrunched up!

Her umbilical cord fell off and this pic is from her first real bath this morning!

She was wide awake after the bath!

And then she went right to sleep.

Peggy lent us this swing to use and Liberty wasn't sure if she liked it or not at first.

And then she crashed out in it! What a life?!?!?


The Merkleys said...

Shes a cutie! I love that pink car seat. I am all about pink! No boys for us yet.

Robin Conner said...

She is so cute! Time does fly so fast. Enjoy every second with her! They grow too fast! I can't believe her umbilical cord already fell off! That is so fast! My kids always took like 2 weeks! You are an amazing wonder woman girl! It took me like 3 weeks to be up and going. You just never stop!

Slaugh Family said...

I just love her and you and am so happy for you all. Love your guts and your liver.