Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ice Ice Baby

I forgot we took these pictures, so I just came across them and figured I had better post them. These are actually the ones Riley took with his new camera! About 3 weeks ago, Clint had noticed these HUGE sheets of about 4 inch thick ice hanging off our rook in the backyard and tried to chip at them with the shovel. They wouldn't budge and the crap was so thick that he had a very hard time getting any off. He told us to stay out of the backyard as much as possible until it broke off. Well on a Monday night, we were sitting in the front room and we all heard this Horrendous noise outside. Clint and I looked at each other and he said "the ice." Like this sort of thing happened every day at our house! So we went outside and saw the damage.

This was the biggest chunk that had fallen off the roof right on to our BBQ grill. We are so lucky it didn't break the handle!

These are the internet and I assume phone lines that it took out. I didn't care about the phone cuz we only have cell phones anyway, and our computer had accidentally *cough Clint and Riley*Cough* downloaded a HUGE nasty virus hte previous day, so internet kind of didn't matter either. Thank heavens no one was hurt. The rest of these pictures were just of our backyard and the rest of the snow on the other part of the roof!

So snow+ice on a metal roof can = big ice!

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