Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bathrooms "R' Us

When we bought our house, I loved it and I was so excited to finally have 2 bathrooms. One thing I didn't foresee was the challenge that would come with our upstairs bathroom. It has a BIG window, and its not in the best place if you know what I mean. We have a pretty big tree in the backyard so it isn't like the neighbors can see right in but still its kind of creepy. Also the window track always got water in it from a strange shower head placement, and I could clean it every day and it still got mildew. Clint and I had moved downstairs to that bathroom and so the kids and guests used the upstairs bathroom. I have said several times that I would love to put in a smaller window and re tile that bathroom. Just a pipe dream, something to do in the future right? About 2 weeks ago my Uncle Monte called and asked if we would like to re tile our bathroom when he came up the last part of August. I was totally psyched but Clint was like oh man I don't know. So of course we are doing it! We put a pencil to it and we knew it wouldn't be too expensive and Uncle Monte was bringing his expertise to go along! So after a fun weekend visiting in Ft. Bridger, Dad and Monte came down to stay and remodel the bathroom. They came down yesterday (which happened to be my birthday) and we went to pick out the tile and needed supplies. Today they got started and this is how our bathroom looked last night.

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