Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Heber's 3rd birthday....

Yesterday was Hebers 3rd birthday and she started preschool. I cannot believe how much she is growing up and how fast.

Heber and Dad before preschool!

My beautiful 3 year old!

She loves these balls and has about 5 of them!

Waiting in line for the ice cream truck!

The best darn ice cream truckers in town!

Maci Rae, Heber and Jace waiting for cake.

The cupcake cake from walmart!

Moody Riley Dylan!

This was the rainbow "called in" by Aunt Teri made by Heavenly Father!

Heber and her pink balloon!

Maci and Heber!

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Robin Conner said...

Super cute! She is adorable. I loved her cupcake cake. So cute!