Saturday, March 7, 2009

Small Talk Six

Here is this week topic from the girls at momdot! The 6 top places you would love to visit if you had someone trustworthy to watch your kids and pets!

1.Barbados- we had so much fun at the Boatyard. This is a catamaran cruise we went on when we swam with the sea turtles too!

2. Aruba- We snorkeled and went on a party bus! OMG it was so much fun, I want to go back! This is the bus we rode and they were all this colorful!

3. Disneyland- I have never been but since we keep having kids, we have waited this long. Haha.

4.Atlantis the resort... IF I ever had enough money!

5.New York City- r>

6. Alaska-This picture is of my step-dad when he was working in Kotzebue but I would like to goto Fairbanks where he lived. r>


Kim said...

Maybe we'll both make it to NY someday!

Staci said...

My son would love to see sea turtles. What great choices!