Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Wendover Comedy Show

After a hectic Halloween, we got up Saturday morning and drove to Wendover Nevada to see Bill Engvall with Kevin and Lisa. This was our first comedy show and we loved it! I took my camera but only got the one picture of Clint in the motel room. We love to go to Wendover and we always play the same games. Clint and I both love the penny slots and his favorite version is The Dam Lumberjack Beavers, and mine is the Enchanted Kingdom. We both seem to win on these. Well we didn't spend all of our money as we came hoe with about $250. It was a fun weekend and I can't wait to go again!


galleygrapevine said...

CONGRATS on the baby, Sorry I didn't notice.

Haasiegirl said...

oh, he is So funny. Did you have a good time?